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Our teachers at Avenue English

Our school has a friendly and personalised atmosphere from the first email inquiry to a Certificate of Achievement or Attendance.  All of us strive to make the English language learner feel comfortable and welcome.   Some of our teachers have been with us since our inception in 2011 and others have just recently joined Avenue English.  They have the teaching credentials that allow them entry into our establishment.  What gives our teachers the edge is their outstanding “can do” attitudes. They ALL give so much more when it comes to working together to make every language learner feel inspired and motivated to gain confidence in their English language abilities.  So, with no further ado we would like to introduce our core teachers, so that when you plan on visiting our school you will always find a familiar face or two.

Thuto is our young, dynamic Director of Studies, who is there to take care of you every step of the way.  She keeps us all on our toes with her new ideas and ever-changing hairstyles! And even though you might think she is small in stature, she is big on smiles and can be found buzzing around the school taking care of all the nitty-gritties.  She first started at AE as a new teacher and has since upped the game and is now studying for her DELTA as well as being our Academic Head.

Sally has been with us ‘forever’.  She is the teacher who introduces all the current lingo into the school, from the friendly, “Good morning Gang,” to other favourites like, “Hip-hop and happening”, “to cut a long story short”, and “go large!”.  She is our fashion fundhi and casts a designer eye over all of us to keep us on our toes.  Her enthusiasm for language and life is contagious.  She teaches all levels and takes care of our corporate one-to-one students. Sally responds to the energy of all the different nationalities which, in turn inspires her to give her all. She is a proud South African who wants everyone to enjoy themselves in Johannesburg during their time with us at Avenue English.

Jacqueline, our dual nationality South African, French teacher, brings flair, humour and spontaneity.  At every Avenue English outing, Jacqui is the first on the dance-floor with our students!  Her classes are vibrant with lots of fun and laughter.  She has a natural empathy with people and will do her utmost to make sure that students feel comfortable and confident in her class.

Susan laughs loudly and whatever the circumstances she is always happy!  She is the ultimate optimist who never doubts a student’s potential. She works equally well with young learners as with our older learners! Susan is passionate about English and teaches all levels. 

This is our core team of teachers.  They embody the spirit of “ubuntu” , which means ‘working together’.

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  1. Clodio Munguambe
    Clodio Munguambe

    Good Morning,
    I am Mozambican and my mother tongue is Portuguese. I would like to sign up for the English course offered by the institution, however, I would like to know the cost of the training and if it has an online format.

    ClódioMunguambe, Eng.

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