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International English Language Testing System – Are you ready for the exam?

July – that time of year when students are looking to go to university, families are looking to immigrate and all of a sudden passing the IELTS exam becomes a panic!

Avenue English has been preparing students for the Academic and General exams for the past 9 years; we know how to assist candidates to manage their nerves and feel confident when they write the exam through the British Council.  We expect our students to achieve the band scores that they require first time around.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic we have moved all our preparation courses online – please have a look under ‘courses’ for the options available.

Besides the courses that we have put together; we also personalise the course for each candidates circumstances.  Why? Because maybe you have written the exam before but you now have to achieve a higher score, or maybe you have decided to do the Academic exam instead of the General exam, or maybe you need to know if your current level of English is adequate enought to score a 7 or higher bandscore.  

So for Chantal we decided to give her some private lesson overviews of each skill before the mock exam, and for Esme she just needed an idea of format changes and for Ahmed he needed to improve his English to an Intermediate level first.

We have many options to choose from.  Some candidates, who are in Johannesburg, prefer to do all the preparation online and then write the final mock exam at our premises (ALL protocols are in place).

Avenue English Johannesburg is so proud of what we have accomplished during this pandemic.  Our teachers are all equipped and ready to assist.

Are you writing the exam any time soon?  Have you prepared enough? Have you enquired at Avenue English yet?  


Wishing everyone out there safety and health as the main priority – we will get back to normal, we will all have our lives back.

In South Africa we say “VASBYT”! Send me a WhatsApp +27 824347620 or an email: to find out what that means and to book your IELTS preparation course.

Much love to everyone every where!

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  1. Joseph

    Hello, I must say it was a very helpful blog post. Very Informative and interesting as well, I am looking forward to reading more. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yussimin

    Hello everyone
    I Hope you’re doing well
    I would like to know about the price of IELTS preparation and calendary please.

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