Dont Panic 1

Dont Panic, Avenue English Online

What a time that we are living in!

Avenue English is on lockdown, but all your favourite teachers are online and ready to conduct group classes as well as private lessons! Sally, Jacqui, Susan, Nicci and Frederika are on standby to ensure that you have a little bit of English while you are at home – wherever you are in the world.

We are lucky to have a huge amount of resources to ensure that you are kept busy during these crazy times!

So if you want to reconnect with AE and improve your language skills while at home, we are ready to schedule classes to suit your needs and time zones.

Our focus is for us all to stay connected without spreading Covid-19 – no masks and no social distancing while in the virtual classroom.

We will get through this and we will all reconnect physically in this new world once we have ‘flattened the curve’.

Drop me an email: so that I can get you connected.

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