Avenue English Holidays

Whew – almost that time of the year when we close the school, close our books and open the holiday door to beach, summer, Christmas, ice-cream and some good times with family and friends.

Avenue English is closed for the summer holidays from 13 December 2021 to 13 January 2022.

We have had a marvelous year with the best students from all over the world.  Our school has had the honour of hosting students from so many different countries – France, Brazil, Italy, Sudan, Mauritania, Dominican Republic, Gabon, Mozambique, Russia, Germany, Argentina, Democratic Republic of Congo, Turkey, Tanzania and the list goes on and on.  We have been privileged to be introduced to all the customs and traditions of the world.

And you? Where do you come from and when are you going to visit us in our #world class African city of Johannesburg?

Avenue English teachers and staff are committed to ensuring that you learn #English with confidence in an environment that is nurturing and fun.  We respect every nationality and religion and welcome the exchange of knowledge in an international environment.

We are looking forward to a relaxing holiday so that when we get back we are here to assist you with your English language studies.

Even though the school is closed for the holidays our contact details are always on alert and all enquiries will be promptly answered.  Email or phone – we are here to hear you!

Happy holidays to you and you and you and yours!

Best wishes from the AE team

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